Zoom for kids

Play creative drawing games with your friends and family in real time via video call.

Squiggle is free to play.

Squiggle - Play creative drawing games with your loved ones

Making video calls fun for kids

Video calls aren't always easy, especially with young kids. Just talking is hard.

Squiggle makes video calls fun by adding an interactive canvas for playing pencil and paper games in real time.

Play drawing games

Noughts & Crosses (aka Tic-Tac-Toe). Hangman. Dots and boxes. Colouring in. Get creative!

Video calling

Up to four people can join the Squiggle to chat while you play together.

Easy to use

Designed with young children in mind, Squiggle is a doddle to use.

How to play

It is a piece of cake to start playing Squiggle. Just follow these three simple steps.


Start a new Squiggle

Create your Squiggle, start your camera and get your unique access codes and invite link.


Invite your friends and family

Share your access codes or invite link with the people you want to play Squiggle with. Your Squiggle is private and people can only join if they have an invite.


Starting squiggling

Once your friends have arrived start squiggling! Whatever you draw on the interactive canvas will be instantly visible to everyone in real time.

Game ideas

You can play any pencil and paper games with Squiggle. Here are some of our favourites:

  • The Squiggle Game
    Draw a quick squiggle. The other player has to turn it into a picture. Great for young kids.

  • Noughts & Crosses (aka Tic-Tac-Toe)
    Simple. Easy to learn. Great for young kids.

  • Hangman
    Guess the word. Great spelling practice. Good for kids who can read and write.

  • Dots & boxes
    Create boxes from dots. Easy to learn. Simple strategy. Competitive.

Great on touchscreens

Squiggle works brilliantly on touchscreen devices, especially tablets. It is very intuitive for kids to draw with their fingers.

  • Touchscreen-friendly
  • Nothing to download
  • Free to play
Squiggle - Play creative drawing games with your loved ones

Inspired by lockdown

Squiggle was inspired by watching my two children trying - but struggling with - the strange new, awkward world of limited interaction through conversation-led Zoom calls.

I realised I could recreate the pencil-and-paper experience online and create a safe space where loved ones can still play with, talk to and entertain the children in their lives wherever they are in the world.





Squiggle - Play creative drawing games with your loved ones


Squiggle is free to play, but we need to charge for some features to help us keep the lights on.

Word on the street

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